Driver Development
SS-Green Light Racing has put together a package of Driver Development that goes beyond the race track. SS-Green Light Racing believes up-and-coming drivers need to learn more than just driving skills for today's racing environment. Development Drivers are supported with an overview and plan for their future as a race car driver, which includes on and off track programs. Career planning, Media Training, Sponsorship Marketing Support and Developing the Drivers Niche are just some of the off-track development areas. On Track our drivers learn about setup, providing feedback and of course racing skills.

SS-Green Light Racing's Drivers Develop program is led by Veteran Bobby Dotter. SS-Green Light Racing who has worked with many young drivers including running a development program for NASCAR Powerhouse Hendrick Motorsports.

"SS-Green Light Racing provides a well rounded development program that a young and talented driver would need to use in order to prepare himself for today's competitive and corporate Motorsports Industry," said team President Ken Smith, who started the program in 2002. "I sensed there was talent in racing that was not being given a chance because of understanding of marketing/sponsorships, being in good equipment, the right coach and many other reasons. So I decided to put a package together that would help young and talented drivers learn both the business side to racing and the on-track competition. It's a platform to promote and teach the driver, preparing them for their future and raising their odds of making it to the higher levels of the game."

As SS-Green Light Racing continues expanding, greater opportunities are being formed to give young and talented drivers the chance to explore the "Stock Car" world of racing in the minor leagues of the sport with the professionalism and experience of top level NASCAR team.

Contact Bobby or 704-664-0808

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